About Us
Our Mission

A faith based organization uniting faith principles with growth and business strategies.

Our Vision

Advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ by uniting faith and business.


Marketer Ash

Founder/Executive Director

A servant leader, visionary, and motivator pioneering faith and business practices in the 21st Century.

Marketer is a long time Chicagoland resident and she currently serves as a licensed minister and bi-vocational Pastor at an urban community church in Chicago Illinois. Pastor Ash has been serving in this capacity since 2016 and providing ministry leadership for over 14 years. As part of her ministry style, she believes in training and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and developing Disciples that serve God in communities where they live and interact with others. Marketer actively participates in community networking by collaborating with local churches, businesses, law enforcement, schools and city leaders to promote the social and economic health of surrounding neighborhoods. Additionally, other community initiatives include activities like peace walks, prayer vigils and family community events.

In her professional life, she is an Associate Vice President of Program Implementation for a large Chicago metropolitan based non-profit agency that serves marginalized individuals for 50 years. In this role she is responsible for leading staff and external community partner agencies to strategically onboard and incubate new programs from private and public sector funding streams.

Marketer has worked in non-profit and health care industries for over 35 years which allowed her to cultivate a wealth of proven knowledge, skills, experiences and outcomes in areas of Organizational Development, Talent Management and Retention, Program Development, Implementation and Evaluation.

She is the proud Mother of one daughter who is currently studying to be a Licensed Therapist. Chelsea has self-published several books and is a member of the Chicago Creative community. Her other talents include photography, painting and drawing original artwork. 

Marketer’s greatest asset is her robust and reciprocal love for God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and people. All of her successes and endeavors have been birthed out of this love which is her foundation.

Ericka Dawson

Operations and Services Manager

Ericka is a believer of the Most High God and a fervent disciple dedicated to building the kingdom of God. She believes that all human lives are valuable, and the intersectionality of our identities makes each of us unique. She is an advocate for diversity and inclusion and believes all are welcome to join the Kingdom of Christ. 

Ericka currently is an active member at an urban community church in Chicago, Illinois where she volunteers in various capacities. Ericka serves as the Youth and Young Adult Ministry Leader, developing and implementing youth and young adult programs church wide, and supports community and leadership development.  In this role she designs lesson plans and facilitates youth and young adult bible study utilizing creative instruction and design methodologies. Additionally, she is a member of the Church Leadership Team that determines current and future ministry needs and direction, collaboratively designs and implement purpose-driven strategies and determine new program or project initiatives as inspired by the holy spirit. 

By occupation, Ericka is Director of Strategic Growth for a national nonprofit organization that supports the health and education needs of young people. She is responsible for cultivating mutually beneficial partnerships with school districts and community-based youth organizations to advance health equity for young people. Ericka’s professional portfolio includes management, capacity building and development training experiences in both corporate and nonprofit sectors. Ericka has a Masters Degree in Public Administration and Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Tennessee State University. 


DeMario Ash

Partnerships and Content Development Manager

As a licensed Minister, author, and teacher, born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, DeMario focuses on the expressed Word of God regarding Biblical manhood in the home, church, and community. His Sales/Marketing background uniquely positions him to communicate effectively with clarity and relevance.

Through his training and experience as a MBI (Moody Bible Institute) Alumni in their Pre-Counseling Program, he has always sought to connect “family and faith principles”. DeMario has served on various ministries teams in positions as Youth Pastor, Usher Board Chair, and Marriage Ministry Leader.

Presently God has inspired his first book entitled: “THE LEGACY PROJECT…one man’s fight for FATHERHOOD, FAITH, & FREEDOM” where these concepts are even more fleshed out. He and his wife Felicia are business partners that recently started their own YouTube channel where they discuss “HEALTH, WEALTH, & SPIRITUALITY” in relationships and business cultivation.