Why N’Clusive Ministry

Many faith based organizations struggle with funding,  building collaborative relationships, developing leaders, and influencing systemic change. To support organizations in  these areas, N'Clusive Ministry's focus is to collaborate with organizations on capacity building and technical assistance strategies designed to unite  faith principles with growth and business strategies. 

The name "N’Clusive Ministry" and the tagline “Taking the “I” out of Ministry” is the premise for N’Clusive. Our organization seeks to promote diversity, equity and inclusion business practices while advancing the good will of Jesus Christ. N’Clusive is a faith based organization.


Our Mission

A faith based organization uniting faith principles with growth and business strategies.

Our Vision

Advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ by uniting faith and business.

Core Values


We believe in the practice of including all individuals and excluding none.


We believe in self identified social, economical, and spiritual wellness for individuals and businesses.


We believe in uniting faith and business to stimulate social, economical and spiritual growth.


We believe in applying faith principles to business practices.


Business Services

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) – Cultivate a culture of inclusion through policies, best practices and programs that promote diversity and are rooted in equity.
  • Leadership  Development – Provide tools and strategies that promote and support the growth of leaders.
  • Operational Strategies – Introduce strategies designed to optimize and align resources, people and systems.
  • Change Management  -Learn management techniques that prepare teams for organizational wide structural shifts and transitions.
  • Relationship Building and Partnership Development – Introduce strategies designed to optimize and align resources, people and systems
We Want To Partner With YOU!
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