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As the economic devastation is assessed throughout the country there are important findings that will undoubtedly inform our collective understanding of a post pandemic workforce. One of the most affected industries across retail and consumer markets is the “service industry.” Its been reported that upwards of 75% of businesses/jobs lost were service related (with a majority of those positions held by women) from hair stylist to waitress to teacher assistant just to name a few. As someone who has worked in this industry for years (primarily in the auto-industry) I definitely noticed the decline in the quality of service in general and customer service in particular. I also witnessed the emphasis of companies abandoning customer service training in favor of more “product knowledge” based development that resulted in understanding product, but not understanding the art of service. In addition, when you factor in that direct contact and human interaction will continue to regress as we become more technologically dependent, this will continue to challenge our definition of how we adequately provide service.  

We realize these forces were already at play prior to COVID 19. However, this pandemic’s impact structurally in relation to the service industry has sent economic shock waves through the system similar to cracks in the fault lines from which earthquakes are formed. Now that a post covid world is emerging how do we navigate such a seismic shift in the service industry? 

Economists have already predicted that almost half of those who currently work from home or remotely will not return to the office which means fewer employees crowding local eateries for lunch breaks or shopping in local stores as often as before. These cultural realignments will force those of us who operate in service related industries to grasp and position ourselves  accordingly. Here are three questions anyone either working in or connected to a service related field should consider…

  1. Is your service PERSONABLE?…are you telling a compelling story that connects with potential customers by focusing on THEM?
  2. Is your service CUSTOMIZEABLE?…can your services be customized to individual clients based on THEIR needs?
  3. Is your service COMMUNICABLE?…is your service easily accessed? Do you have an online component?

If you believe these questions are not sufficiently answered within the service you provide, our team here at N’Clusive can help!!! Our WING method is designed to answer these questions and more!!! Please reach out and we would be happy to connect with you. Blessings

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