Explopring New Ideas 2021

Exploring New Business Ideas And Opportunities Post Pandemic!

Hooray! Due to the rolling out of the vaccine and other elements such as wearing masks and social distancing, we are now entering the Spring and Summer months where there are warmer days and shorter nights… and most of us can see a light at the end of the tunnel in relation to the Pandemic. 

For many of us the Pandemic brought a very long, unexpected and unanticipated Winter season in our lives with elements such as quarantining, illness, death, decline in business, schools and church doors closing and transitioning to virtual platforms, and certain areas of the economy taking a hit.

I don’t know about anyone else, but during the Spring and Summer months my attitude, my motivation, and energy level perks up and I want to get out and explore.

On that note, now that we are entering the Spring of the Pandemic and some of the restrictions are being rolled away, we must begin exploring new ideas and opportunities not only in our personal lives, but in our professional lives as well.

To be successful in business/ministry endeavors we must see the post Pandemic era as an opportunity to grow and enhance. This will apply if you are starting a new or operating an existing business/ministry. Based on an article by business.com (https://www.business.com/articles/recovering-your-business-post-covid/) here are some areas you can focus on as you begin to engage your customers and/or services:

  • Data Management – is your data interconnected? Is it relevant and accurate? Able to communicate and tell your story.
  • E-mail Marketing – statistics has proven that shoppers spend up to 138% more on products from an e-mail than from a lead on Facebook or Twitter.
  • “Say goodbye to tradition and hello to the future” – No longer business as usual. The new market is unpredictable, businesses must be adaptable to keep up.

Using the WING method, N’Clusive wants to assist with engaging your customers post Pandemic. While always valuing and acknowledging in the planning process that you know your business and your vision, we want to help transition your knowledge into actionable statements that will yield a return on investment (ROI). Contact us at [email protected] or visit our website at www.nclusiveministry.org.

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